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Krishna Srinivasan
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A good understanding of electromagnetics is a requirement to be successful in any scientific discipline. This book will make you an expert in electromagnetic theory, and help you get a complete understanding of Maxwell's equations. The artistic experiments, the mathematical constructs, and logical conclusions are presented in a step by step, easy to understand manner. The electromagnetic equations are presented first in electromagnetic and electrostatic system of units, and the present SI form of the equations are logically derived from them.

Chapter Title (Click to view PDF)
Chapter 1 Experiments With Charged Objects
Chapter 2 Systems of Units in Electromagnetics
Chapter 3 Coulomb's Work on the Torsion of Wires
Chapter 4 Coulomb's Law: "The Fundamental Law of Electricity"
Chapter 5 Electric Field
Chapter 6 The Conservative Property of the Electrostatic Field
Chapter 7 Electrostatic Generators (The Wimshurst Machine)
Chapter 8 Properties of Conductors in Electrostatics
Chapter 9 An Analytical Proof of Coulomb's Law [Optional]
Chapter 10 Voltage
Chapter 11 A Brief History of Magnetism
Chapter 12 Magnetic Charge and its Importance in the Development of Electromagnetic Theory
Chapter 13 Coulomb's Law of Magnetic Charges
Chapter 14 Early Definition of Magnetic Field
Chapter 15 Gauss's Experiment to Prove the Inverse-Square Law of Magnetic Charges
Chapter 16 Measurement of the Strength of a Magnetic Field Using Gauss's Magnetometer
Chapter 17 Oersted's Experiment and the Birth of Electromagnetism
Chapter 18 Definition of Current
Chapter 19 Volta's Invention of the Battery
Chapter 20 Magnetic Potential
Chapter 21 Ampere's Law
Chapter 22 Observations Leading to Biot-Savart's Law
Chapter 23 Derivation of Biot-Savart's Law
Chapter 24 Experimental Verification of Biot-Savart's Law
Chapter 25 Definitions in Electrostatic Units
Chapter 26 Definitions in Electromagnetic Units
Chapter 27 Measurement of Current in Electromagnetic Units
Chapter 28 Volume Charge Density and Volume Current Density J
Chapter 29 Current Continuity Equation
Chapter 30 Derivation of Ampere's Law from Biot-Savart's Law [Optional]
Chapter 31 Measurement of the Charge Stored in a Capacitor Using a Ballistic Galvanometer
Chapter 32 Gauss's Law Part I
Chapter 33 Alternate Proof of Gauss's Law [Optional]
Chapter 34 Verifying the Formulation of Gauss's Law
Chapter 35 Faraday's Experiments With Spherical Capacitors
Chapter 36 Gauss's Law Part II
Chapter 37 Dielectric Materials
Chapter 38 Examples of Gauss's Law
Chapter 39 Ohm's Law
Chapter 40 Time-Varying Magnetic Fields
Chapter 41 Magnetic Materials
Chapter 42 Faraday's Law
Chapter 43 Circuit Representation of a Coil with Time-Varying Magnetic Flux
Chapter 44 Self Inductance
Chapter 45 Mutual Inductance
Chapter 46 Absolute Measurement of Resistance in Electromagnetic Units
Chapter 47 Kirchoff's Circuit Laws on Voltage and Current
Chapter 48 Measurement of the Voltage of a Battery in Electromagnetic Units
Chapter 49 B vs H Measurement Using the Ballistic-Galvanometer Method
Chapter 50 Gauss's Law for Time-Varying Charge Density and Time-Varying Fields
Chapter 51 Displacement Current
Chapter 52 Divergence-Free Condition of Magnetic-Flux Density B
Chapter 53 Lorentz Force Law and the New Definition of Magnetic-Flux Density B
Chapter 54 Lorentz Force Law and Time-Varying B [Optional]
Chapter 55 Force Between Current-Carrying Wires
Chapter 56 Measurement of the Force Between Current-Carrying Wires
Chapter 57 Inconsistency Between the Electrostatic and the Electromagnetic Systems of Units
Chapter 58 Definitions Flowchart in the Electrostatic System of Units
Chapter 59 Definitions Flowchart in the Electromagnetic System of Units
Chapter 60 Solving Electrostatic Problems Using Lord Kelvin's Method of Images
Chapter 61 Charge Division Between Two Spheres of Different Radii in Contact
Chapter 62 Coulomb Electrometer
Chapter 63 The Weber-Kohlrausch Experiment to Determine the Ratio of qESU to qEMU
Chapter 64 Maxwell's Equations in the CGS System
Chapter 65 MKS Unrationalized System
Chapter 66 SI (MKS Rationalized) System
Chapter 67 Maxwell's Equations in the SI System
Bibliography and References
Appendix A Introduction to Solid Angles
Appendix B Verifying the Transformation Steps from Biot-Savart's Law to Ampere's Law

About the Author

Krishna Srinivasan received his BASc in computer engineering from the University of Toronto in 2002, and his MS/PhD from the Georgia Institute of Technology in 2008. He has published over 30 conference and journal papers in the area of electromagnetic theory, computational electromagnetics, signal and power-integrity analysis.

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